Your competitors in not your enemy.

Siblings’ rivalry is a real thing. We even see it in organizations. Parenting styles, concerns with fairness, and lack of social skills can expose huge falt lines within a family. When kids start competing for their parents’ attention, minor feuds can escalate into huge differences. 

On the other hand, we all need competitors because racing against yourself is not good for your creative juices. Look at monopolies.

Enemies are different. Moreover, enemies oppose each other’s interests outright. They are like villains, operating in the dark.

Apathy, in many cases, is enemy number one. When the couch is better than exploring your talents, you accept the unacceptable—the same for fear, fear of failure, rejection, and change. It destroys creativity.

Bottom line: Your competitors drive you to new heights every day, while your enemies will kill your enthusiasm. Therefore, if you want to move forward, search for a bit of healthy rivalry.