What I learned from the greatest tennis player

Generous is hardly an attribute that we will use when referring to sports opponents. However, when the sport becomes an art, the narrative changes. It is still a measure of strength, endurance, and skill on the field. To get to the top of the podium, you still need what it takes. Because, when you get into the arena, the urge to win takes over.

However, when bringing generosity to the track, the intention to play changes. The opponents may not address issues as artists do, but o boy, they can create tension and allow us to look at life differently.

Sport with little intent, apart from the urge to win, is entertaining and helps us enjoy life and admire those playing. But, in the end, it is what it is, fun. Yet, most of the time, the intent is selfishness.

Bottom line: Now and then, you a find a sportsman or woman who will focus on giving those around them dignity, respect, and a chance to shine with them. By bringing generosity to the game, they help others move forward. They change perspectives and create a following. That is what Nadal did today.