The three-headed monster

Cerberus is a multi-headed dog in Greek mythology that guards the underworld’s gates to prevent the dead from leaving. Hesiod claimed he had 50 heads with snakes growing from his back. 

It doesn’t matter how you approach this three-headed monster. It remains something with which you don’t want to cross paths. Unfortunately, however, every day, we encounter these monsters. 

They feed on uncertainty, miscommunication, incoherent decisions, and ever-changing goals, strategies, and plans.

Your organization can only have one clear vision and mission statement that excites the customers, employees, and shareholders. A view of the change you seek in this world. Some may even see it as the true north of our universe.

Goals and objects are specific targets you need to chase over the next quarter or year to get closer to your vision. But, more important, it helps you stay focused on the vision.

Strategies you discuss in the boardroom and the corner offices. If your strategy work, you will get closer to your goals. Remember, you can change the plan but never move your goal if the strategy doesn’t work. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to share your strategy with the rest of your universe because it is the only thing that will make them envious and maybe run.

On the other hand, your tactics are your secret sauce. You use them to win those small battles. They can even change daily because they are there to support your strategy.

Bottom line: Beware not to feed the three-headed monster. It will rip your organization apart. Instead, be consistent with your vision, mission, and goals. At the same time, remind everyone in the room about the strategy and tactics of the day.