The price of dissatisfaction

Customers may buy your product because it is well priced, but if they are unhappy with the result and willing to tell you, see it as a value creation moment. 

When you want satisfied customers, you only need to deliver on your promise. However, we assume that the customer understands what you bring to the table. If not, you will have a customer with a product they can’t use or rather don’t know how to use. Some may call it an uninformed customer.

If the customer tells you about their unhappiness, she is doing you a great favor. After all, a complaining customer is someone who wanted your product in the first place. If you can resolve the issue quickly and satisfactorily, you may end up with a very loyal customer. Therefore, see it as a value creation moment.

Bottom line: A satisfied customer seldom complains about the price, but that is also true about the unsatisfied customer. For them, it is all about an unmet need. But for you, unhappy customers come with a significant price tag.