The One Thing to do When Showing Up

My apologies for not coming back to you sooner. You were on my mind, but work swamped me. 

Remember, attention is a numbers game; it is all about where on the priority list you are. Yes, for many, you are a number. However, attention is not a commodity. It is a scarce resource with an ever-increasing value because it doesn’t scale. You may have more time, but there is a limit on your attention.

Then again, the essential thing that you can give your customers is attention. They value it and, therefore, will return respect and trust. What do you appreciate more, giving or receiving a scarce resource?

Also, showing up is not enough. We demand more than just your physical or virtual presence. Come and delight us. Please show me a new direction and take my problems away. Show empathy. The only way you can do it is through attention.

Frequently, salespeople and marketers are focused on the next big sale, the margin they will realise and eventually their commission. In the process, they will show their true colours, maybe unintentionally. Indeed, they don’t always value the small fish in the big pond.

Merely showing up is not enough. With a little bit of attention and a hefty dose of mindfulness, you may notice what’s bothering the person on the other end of the line.

Bottom Line: Attention is complex. You can only give so much per day. On the other hand, customers demand more; they want respect. More important, be generous with respect. It lasts longer.