The one thing that matters most in getting into the hearts of your customers.

We are all in the business of selling, and it is so much easier than you imagined. It requires listening.

The one thing that frustrates me most in a meeting is when the person across the table refuses to listen. They are obsessed with their product and services and not interested in my needs or challenges. I frequently notice this behaviour across the spectrum, from young entrepreneurs to even seasoned salespeople. 

For them, only one thing matter: to close a deal, any deal.

And yes, selling also happens at those unnoticed corners of our world. During a conversation with colleagues, the Monday morning meeting, during your annual appraisal review or while speaking to your kids.

On the other hand, skilful entrepreneurs are good listeners. They start by understanding, not solving. For them, the challenge is to eliminate the noise and clutter within a conversation. Because they know, the ultimate success is to identify that one pain point that matters most

And, if you can’t take the pain away, say so, in a straightforward manner and without a doubt. No can also be a positive answer.

We all know that credibility nor experience is a function of how much you talk, neither the number of ideas thrown on the table. Above all, it is related to your commitment to experience the frustration and emotions behind the words. To stay calm and truly listen.

Be patient! Listen.
You aren't hearing me.
You do not know me yet.

Joan Evans

Then again, for some, listening is just too much effort. Every question is seen as an attack. In this case, expressing yourself more clearly could be a good alternative. Please don’t force the person on the other side to listen to hard; they won’t hear you.

Bottom line: By bridging the gap between your listening and communication skills, you may eliminate confusion and frustration.