The One Kind of Company Customers Avoid

We are all familiar with those surreal social media moments; some may call it Instagram moments. It rarely represents reality, and we know that a fair amount of chaos exists behind the scenes. However, our intentions are pure; we only want to show you how cute our kids are, sometimes.

Is posting these perfect pictures that different from marketers overstating a product’s benefits and features? Think of that beautiful website, stunning brochure and perfect slide deck, and then the immature service or product.

In both situations, a bit of attention-seeking is at the order of the day. Further, it is a temptation to show your followers the upside of your bizarre life, even if it is only a second. Besides, we all crave for that one video, picture or post that will go viral. On the contrary, it hardly ever scale.

Moreover, there is so much noise in the air that we may believe it is okay trading our principles for a bit of attention.

But please, please don’t trade trust. Can one blame you for mimicking your fellow attention seekers? Of course, we can, it contradicts the image you worked so damn hard to earn. Attention seeking destroys trust.

You're going to reap just what you sow

Lou Reed, Perfect Day

No business, product or service is perfect, and your customers know that. They will not worry about the minor bugs or your inefficiencies as long as you are upfront about it. They expect imperfection, but you need to be honest about it, else they will run.

Bottom line: Trusted products or individuals are rarely at the top of the attention list, and short term attention is always at the cost of trust. Instead, stick to your promise.