The Lost Art of Follow-Up

I enjoy cooking, and I love experimenting with flavours. The result is an overfull spice cabinet. Now and then, I will look for a specific spice that I haven’t used for a while. Usually, the search involves a deep dive into the spice cabinet. We all know, the less-used herbs tend to end up at the back.

Many people may feel like this forgotten spice jar, neglected and misused. In my mind, you only press on my number when you need me, but do you genuinely care about me? Your so-called follow-up is just another way of selling a lousy service. Then again, out of sight, out of mind.

Of course, the person checking up on how I experience the service is only doing so because it is his job. After all, they are trying to get my loyalty. However, the intention to delight me and make me part of the team has fallen away.

Following up with those that trusted you before shows that you are willing to go beyond your initial promise. In the end, you will stand out. Do it three or four times, show that I matter more than your top line, and I will remember you when needed.

Bottom Line: Always follow-up with intent. As long as the call is about me, the customer, and not you, the seller. Else, I will call anotherĀ friend.