The Gospel of Silicon Valley (Part 2)

Silicon Valley is creating the future. The future is happening here as we speak. No other metropole can play along.

It gave people a way to express themselves and stay connected with everybody; it invented the mobile phone to put information right where it belongs, in your hands; it organizes the world for you; furthermore, it created self-driving cars. So the whole mission is to reinvent how things are done, to make life easier.

These developments are creating loads of wealth and eliminating those old cogs. So, if a machine can do it, why not replace it? But, if it becomes expensive, let us look at an alternative. 

This way of thinking fueled the industrial revolution. It was driven by replacing those doing repetitive work. In today’s service economy, people are again the center stage. However, software-as-a-service with underlying machine learning technologies is changing the playing field again. 

But there is an underlying headline that if you don’t do it in Silicon Valley, it won’t happen. Because the world’s future is created here, and the rest will follow. Every morning the globe will turn towards the Valley and ask, “where will my help come from.”

Nevertheless, our economy depends on connections to search for scarce and precious resources. But, using the technology popularised within the Valley, the real work is shifting to the corners of the globe. So I salute you for allowing me to create wealth in one of those corners.

Bottom line: If you want to stay relevant, make yourself unique, and stay connected with your ecosystem. Don’t think in terms of geographical limitations.