The Gospel of Silicon Valley (Part 1)

It’s all about spinning the truth to get more clicks. Amen.

It’s a place of opportunity. You can become the coffee artist on every corner by starting a business from your car’s trunk – the barista of your own success story. Then, if you don’t find your minimum viable audience, you can cross the road. 

And, suddenly, you join conversations about funding rounds, disruptive innovation, and startups. Some will even use words like blockchain and machine learning. Because you’ve got an inspiring story to share about how you started with nothing, and now everybody wants to be your buddy. 

Some of your fellow entrepreneurs’ stories may not resonate that well. The likes and clicks may not come as quickly as they would prefer. The influx of fake, self-serving, status-seeking “friends” and acquaintances is just not coming.

Therefore, a little bit of manipulation would help to attract attention. Of course, everybody loves a success story. But, more importantly, don’t let the facts get in your way to the big payout day. Therefore, it would help if you matched the dreams of your fellow dreamers.

Bottom line: Success built on truth and reality is resilient. A storyline built on falsehoods can take you only that far. Another option is to focus on what matters, but even that is manipulatable.