The curse of processes and tools

If command and control is your thing, if the lead engineer keeps a close eye on your work or if no decision is made without the blessing of the corner office, then agile is not for your company. 

When a set of rules governs everything you do, the only winner is the boss. Or those creative ones that can run the fastest.

However, if you build your work around motivated individuals and give them the necessary support, the job gets done. And more importantly, they will learn to do it even better next time.

The only role of management is to remove impediments and create an environment for problem-solving. Alter all, it is all about collaboration and maintaining a sustainable pace.

Bottom line: When management has an assembly-line mentality, you probably can set your watch on the workers’ arrival and leaving times. Even worse, if your job is described and measured by someone else, your end is in sight.