The race of the rodents.

The race is on. We are moving at the speed of light. Some may call it a rat race. But why do we need to blame a poor rodent if we destroy the planet and a few relationships in the process?   

A desire for control and dominance are fueling our engines. Nothing will get in the way of self-interest, not even a loved one. Another tap on the shoulder is all that we desire while we suck it up.

The alternative is to concentrate on dignity, respect and integrity. Also, the relinquishing of selfishness and greed is required while maintaining ample amounts of generosity.

Bottom line: For a measured, moderate and steady race, you will need a fair amount of patience and guts. Plus, if you do have the perseverance, the reward may come as a surprise.

The sacrifice of the blade

Every year we witness the great migration of wildebeest across the planes of Africa. For these animals, the end goal is survival, and, for some, it is a battle to the end. 

In a society filled with people searching for meaning, survival is only the start. And like a dashing young blade, most will attack Maslow’s ladder with vigour. A few may even reach the point of self-actualization.

But the stakes are high. And the road is long with numerous short-cuts. Yet, in the process of finding happiness, we may lose a lot. Morality, integrity or honesty, you may name it. 

Bottom line: In most cases, only you will know what you relinquished. Will you be able to live with it?

I tune my radio

Every athlete that finishes the Comrades marathon receives a medal. But every medal comes with a different narrative of sweat and determination, making each one extremely valuable.

Buy a bottle of wine at a winery. Buy the same one at the local grocery shop. What is the difference between the two? 

The story that you will tell your friends while enjoying it. At the winery, you will get a story to share. The narrative is making the bottle valuable to you.

Bottom line: Go and make the radio to which you want to listen.

Size matters, more than autonomy

O, how we hate when someone tells us what to do. When to eat, what to wear and how to act. Please don’t force me into a square, because I am an independent creature. 

Notwithstanding our independent spirit, we love being part of a community. Above all, we are social creatures. Please send me those “likes”. 

We are encouraged by the bulky, the uninspired and cynical. Every day we buy short term happiness. We love the bling, but don’t suggest me to relinquish my status quo.

Bottom line: In truth, if your business is change management, you are in for a tough time. 

Your critic, your candle

He sits on my shoulder. Continually whispers in my ear. When I walk up a stage, he grabs me by the throat. In meetings, he reminds me of my deficiencies. He occupies the back of my head. 

He feeds on my shortfalls, doubts and fears. And, he confronts me at every corner of my life. For sure, I know his voice so well. O damn, I fear him so often.

Bottom line: But there is a way out. The choice is mine on how I handle him. I can welcome my inner critic in my life. Use him to show me the way. Because then he will disappear in a swirl of smoke.

“Pardon, I’m learning to swim.”

Every fish dreams of a boundless lake. The greater the lake, the more attractive it seems. Undoubtedly, the more attention and focus it gets. Nevertheless, the more crowded it becomes. And, the stronger the currents.

Remember, when you learn to swim, a small pool may be a much better idea. You can build your strength and confidence. Create a name and trust among your peers. And maybe, you will become the fish in the pond.

Bottom line: Go and find yourself the right size pool.