Select the emotion you want to evoke

It is all up to you. You can create happiness or sadness, spread fear, make people angry, evoke a sense of disgust or surprise. The fact is, the narrative is up to you to produce the outcome you desire, but you are limited to a few basic emotions. Some may say even only six.

When you take your customer on a journey, the tone of your story can delight or scare your listener. You may evoke a feeling of awe, desire, amusement, interest or even contentment. Setting a negative tone may lead to confusion, boredom and sometimes embarrassment.  

Of the millions of words, you choose to use, give the softer tones a change. The ones that don’t raise blood pressure or the ire of the person opposite you. Besides, emotions are contagious, even if we are limited to only a few. And emotions change minds.

Bottom Line: You are the product. You set the tone of the conversation. You determine the emotional outcome. That’s what stands between you and your next customer.