Resilience, ask Bex about it

"How the hell do you do it? "...generally, I feel like I'm on top of things..."

Bex Band

For me, Bex, a fellow writing friend, is the symbol of resilience. With limited experience, not fit enough, doubting herself but still crossing the length Israel, 1000 km, on her two feet. How did she do it? One small step at a time.

Sometimes our ability to preserve and do our best bit-by-bit is more than enough to keep momentum. However, it doesn’t guarantee success, but hell, you can always change direction. Enough small steps will eventually lead to the next big thing. Ask Bex about the power of insignificant steps!

Another strategy is to admit that you are not always in control. Therefore you need to accept that any result is possible. And be able to thrive when things do go wrong. In these cases, you need the strength to pause, observe, take control and make a rational decision.

Bottom line: We are all on a journey, not an event, and resilience will pull us through. After all, it is a skill, you can learn it.