Remember, consumers, think fast.

Buying the market-leading product is simply the easiest thing to do because it is there, right in front of you. It dominates the space. Every time you purchase this product, it becomes slightly harder to select the competition. Because your brain’s neural network becomes more efficient in identifying the stuff you like, it follows the law of least effort.

Of course, this is only true if the service and product fulfill their promise. Remember, the value proposition is still relevant. People must have a reason to buy your product. But the more you have a specific product experience over another, the cumulative advantage takes hold. And in the end, the customer choice is turned into a customer habit.

However, be mindful when you relaunch, repackage or replatform. You don’t want to disturb the habits that count in your favor. After all, you are applying a slow-thinking process to a fast-thinking environment. 

Of course, change is essential to stay relevant. In this case, take your customers by the hand when they need to make a transition. Do it cautiously. Maybe, just maybe, they will be impressed.

Bottom line: “Laziness is built deep into our nature.” and “Familiarity breeds liking.” ― Daniel Kahneman