Product Life cycle, it’s about generosity.

It may start with a friend, a family member or a fool—most of the time, someone willing to take the deep dive for you. It doesn’t matter how you look at it; it all started with a single digit.

The fool may only be a fool, an early adopter, or a visionary. The fact is, she trusted you and took the first step to join you on a risky journey. She was willing to take the risk.

Can you still remember the feeling of onboarding that first client? It bordered on paroxysmal excitement.

If you delight her, take her beyond her wildest expectations, she might encourage three others to follow you. And, after five iterations, you are at 250 evangelists—all of this leading to a crowd of opportunities.

The question is, what are you willing to learn from each iteration. Stop, pause, breathe, and absorb. Engage in those uncomfortable conversations. Acknowledge your vulnerabilities, ask and listen.

It is not a mechanical process where every reaction is due to an action. Everybody is a number. No, it is about generosity, humanity and focus, where the person on the other side has feelings and concerns.

Bottom line: Focus on a positive cycle. Generosity has a networking effect. Don’t underestimate the impact.