Plan for your mistakes

You know the plan is not going to work, so instead, plan to make sure you will learn from your mistakes quickly – better known as being agile.

Building a plan with a tight schedule, and sticking to it, could be rewarding. But imagine the detail and information required to predict the unpredictable, even worse, the project manager blowing in your neck to stay in line.

Don’t we all love it when a plan comes together? Especially if you are a cog within the machinery of your organization and when your predictions are head-on.¬†

A better idea is maybe only to plan those tasks that won’t have changed by the time you get them. And, be on the lookout for those little things that alter your direction. But, more importantly, celebrate them. And over time, you will become better at predicting change.

Bottom line: Predicting the market is up there with looking into a glass ball to predict the future. We know the requirements and plans will evolve. So instead, you should plan for change.