How to pitch like a rocket scientist

The thing is rockets trigger emotions, and the space industry in general, but how do you sell them? You’ve got two options:

We manufacture Earth Observation satellites. Our products are of the highest quality and deliver the best spatial, spectral and radiometric resolution at an affordable price. Contact us if you want to learn more.


What good is it if we can’t observe our environment daily? Our company was founded to provide alternative ways to monitor change on our planet. The more frequently we capture data to create more in-depth information and, ultimately, knowledge, the greater the likelihood that we can control our impact on the earth. There are many ways to monitor change on the planet; one is small earth observation satellites. We make smaller earth observation satellites to increase the knowledge about our impact on our surroundings. Do you want to be part of the revolution?

Bottom line: How you pitch what you do is less important than why