Expect the Unexpected on the Extra Mile

There’s an old saying that the extra mile is never crowded. That is also true for a room with selflessness people, empty. They are all out there doing the extra mile.

The fact is, we are all selfish, some a little, others a lot. Going above and beyond is frequently fueled by ego and self-love. That’s what’s keeps us moving. But if you take the long view on your selfishness, the reward may be generous. 

The return on sharing generosity may surprise you, maybe not in the way you expected. Are you willing to take the bet?

Your vulnerabilities may hold you back because that is what drives your selfishness. Many times those insecurities are a result of doubt in your abilities. Not assisting the other person to win is all about the fear that you may lose.

However, going the extra mile requires commitment with persistence, a deliberate decision with purposeful effort. It requires more than just showing up. Moreover, commitment is powerful; it binds the parties around the table together. Sometimes unwillingly and other times earned.

With the generosity of going the extra mile comes the delight of exceeding your customer’s expectations. Most importantly, it separates the professionals from the amateurs.

Bottom line: When you commit to going the extra mile, you pledge to deliver a better version of yourself. Taking a long view of selfishness will create unexpected returns. Definitely, not in the way you expected.