Embrace customers throwing curveballs

Be ready for your most significant source of unpredictability, your customers. 

I love surprises. When travelling, I prefer taking the backroads, the less travelled roads where you can enjoy unexpected gems. Some may call it off the beaten track.

On the other hand, making and selling pizza’s the way your family has done the last eight generations will hardly bring any surprises. Why not? It works for you and your family. And, that is what your customers expect, consistency.

There is an alternative, that is, to change the recipe. With the change, you are entering an unpredictable world. Not only you, your customers as well. Selling change is hard. Your customers may believe you are failing to deliver on your promise.

But, your customers may change their recipe or take a detour. Will it catch you off-guard?

The fact is most of us are living in an ever-changing environment where we are frequently confronted with the unexpected. Remember, your customers are your most significant source of unpredictability. For that, you need to show a bit of empathy.

Life in an unpredicted climate brings its rewards. The unexpected could be the best thing you never planned. It helps to understand the environment in which you operate. If you keep dealing with customers throwing punches towards you every day, it’s unlikely that you will be caught off-guard.

Bottom Line: Live frugally on surprise. Expect the unexpected. The question is, how do you prepare yourself for unpredictable customers? How will you bat the curveballs they through at you?