Deep Product Knowledge Brings Value to a Story

Wine tasting is more than just a thing. A good tasting can result in a great experience. When you are living in the wine country, that’s the thing you do on weekends. What amazes me is the deep knowledge some of the tasting presenters have, or in many cases, the lack thereof.

The skilled presenter will take you by the hand and lead you through the vineyard. She will introduce you to the blood, sweat and tears of winemaking. And then, after appreciating the effort, you are allowed to experience it. At last, she activates your senses through a process of swirl, sniff, slurp, swish and eventually swallowing, slowly.

Above all, we need a story to tell because that makes an ordinary bottle of wine worth a lot.

On the other hand, if the focus were to close the deal as fast as possible, I would have walked away without an experience and the wine farm without a sale. And yet, most sellers or marketers can’t take the deep dive. They don’t know enough about their product to tell a story worth your money.

True, we can’t expect the seller to be the expert. After all, they believe you can go and do your research on the internet. If you require domain knowledge, find the authority on the subject. For many, that is a quick way out, shifting the responsibility.

But damn, if you want me to buy, do your work with diligence and understanding, not haste. At least try to evoke some emotion in us for your product. Show some knowledge and respect.

Bottom line: Once your seller and marketers know your product from the inside out, what the real value is, and appreciate what it will do for us, price becomes irrelevant.