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Agile, for some, is a buzzword. For others, it is the next best thing. However, it is seldom a way to overthrow the present and now secretly. No, agile is all about acknowledging your shortcomings and mistakes and accepting a pivot in the same breath.

Over the last decade or two, many companies have followed an agile strategy since birth. And we saw some senior executives at established institutions making the transition to agile. 

However, many egos are still unwilling to pivot towards better results. For them, it is about relinquishing power and admitting that you could be wrong and, for many, a scary thought.

Imagine senior management having a daily scrum that the rest of the company can watch, retrospective shared across the organization, and a backlog of work to which any employee can add. 

Bottom line: Change is getting faster. Acknowledge it, leave your ego behind and embrace the fact that you could be wrong.