A roadmap is one thing, the destination another.

Roadmap marketing may be for you when you are new in the game with a product or service under development. It is the process where you introduce your product vision to your ideal customers and get their early inputs. And, hopefully, on board a few. But beware, be open-minded because you may have the wrong map.

When you are on your way and shipped a few products to satisfied clients, they will start spreading the word. They may become seemingly, generous with their praise. And, the desire to be associated with those that can put you on the world stage may grow. However, chasing the influencers (and their social likes) may steer you in the wrong way.

Delivering on your promise is worth much more than the attention you get on the way. So focus on the smallest viable market, and forget about the masses for a moment.

Bottom line: Know where you want to go, but more importantly, use the right crowd and tools to get there.