A lesson in driving.

For me, nothing beats a long drive to open my mind. There is something to be said about the open road with good music. However, many undergo a personality change when getting behind a steering wheel. For most, driving is an ego trip.

For me, the scary part is seeing people passing in blind spots, not able to see the oncoming traffic. But, still, most accidents happen on the long and open roads when concentration is lost. But, the fact is, everybody thinks they are the best driver when getting into a car. 

Running a business is frequently the same. For example, taking risks not knowing your customers is never a good idea. And exploring new markets when everything seems to be going your way may impose unknown risks. 

However, Sunday driving is also a thing. It is all about going slowly, leisurely or overcautious nowhere. But then again, it is all about making the journey worthwhile. Self-driving cars are just doing that, driving, not thinking.

Bottom line: You are not as good at driving as you think you are. The speed at which you believe you are moving is not an indication of the state at which you will arrive at your goal. Sometimes it pays to be mindful.