The bottom line

Day-to-day observations about the entrepreneurial process, concise and, maybe, thought-provoking.

What your logo tells about your brand

Nothing. Branding is all about values. However, a great brand makes a memorable logo.

In most cases, a logo is a well-curated set of pixels. But unfortunately, most founders overthink the process of creating a logo. 

On the other hand, your brand is the process of activating emotions, setting expectations, and leading people to a new reality. So, in the end, your logo is only a reference to your brand.

Those organizations you admire often come to mind when thinking about an iconic brand.

Think about Apple. Without its captivating story, the logo would only be a bitten apple. However, now it stands for change, being different, challenging the status quo and quality. In the meantime, many competitors preferred to focus on the technology and compete at a product level.

Bottom line: Start with what incredible benefits you can create for your customers, tell them what you stand for, then people may remember your logo.